Would you like to receive upgrades when you travel?

Would you like to easily access the VIP areas in nightclubs?

Would you like to be treated differently when you call your bank or insurance company?

Would you like to become a Sir?

We have worked with Elite Titles for nearly 3 years to assist members of the general public who want to buy a title and stand out from the crowd. Fake titles, as they have been called by some (their proper and legal name is a presumed titles) are not expensive but are also not well known about and to 99% of people a seeing:

Sir Your Name

On your credit card means you are a legitimate Sir as most people do not realise that you can buy a Lordship, yes thats right, there are Lord Titles for sale! Imagine becoming a Lord overnight!

A little known loophole in UK law allows you to call yourself anything you want if you know the right process to go through and Elite Titles will help you do this.

There are a range of prices for different types of title and once you have your title this site has some tips and guidance on how to best make use of your title, we even offer a 10-part course as buying a title is only half the battle, the confidence, attitude and general getup that you need to support it are equally important.

While Lord and Lady are the most popular titles sold by Elite Titles you are able to call yourself almost anything, you could even opt for a non-English title like Count which is French.

One thing to stress, the titles you can acquire are legal presumed titles, these are different to a title of nobility which would be passed down or awarded to someone, you obviously cannot buy a title and then take seat in the House of Lords!

So I’ve got a Lord Title but I cant sit in the house of Lords?

In a word, obviously, think about the parliamentary implications if anyone could buy their way into the House of Lords for a small fee, it is never going to happen. Because of this people argue that presumed titles are fake or “not worth the paper they are written on”. These people are totally missing the point which is, when meeting you for the first time or scanning your credit card at a till the person interacting with you has no idea if the title is presumed or a given title of nobility.

The product is not and never was intended as a way of tricking you way into the Lords Chambers, as Elite Titles say on their website it’s a novelty product, however, as someone who bought a title back in 1999 I would say simply calling it a novelty product really undersells it.

The first thing I did when my title documents arrived was take them up to my bank where I presented them to the lady working behind the counter with my bank card and told her that I wanted to change the title on my account to Baron (my chosen title, I still like it more than Sir or Lord). At this time I was about 19 years old, looked about 15 and had long rainbow coloured hair.

I wasn’t working at the time as I was in studying at the local sixth form but for some reason I went to the bank at lunch time when there was the usual queue of customers as you still get today. Needless to say changing the title on my bank account from Mr to Baron was not something that the lady at the counter knew how to do, I guess it is not every day that you would get this kind of request, in fact, I bet she has not had to do it since.

After speaking to manager it was done using the name change option and a few days later my new card arrived.

One useful tip to make use of your title (and there is a section on this site dedicated to making use of your title) chose a bank that shows your title on the credit card, some banks don’t do this, take the below cards for example:

When you think about adding a title to “all your documents” you might think about your passport and driving licence. While you can add your newly bought title to these it doesn’t really look authentic, if you look at your passport or driving licence at the moment you will not see a title it simply has your name. Adding a title, especially one like Baron to a passport or driving licence could just make it look like you have a funky first name.

We’ve digressed a little, brining things back on track:

Why is a bought title much more than a novelty product?

It is possibly some legal requirement that people selling presumed titles highlight that they are novelty product, novelty title or a straight up gimmic but I have personally used mine to great effect. While you can never say with absolute certainty that something has happened because you have a title or not I have noticed a different when using it.

In the next few days I will post a list of companies I have dealt with and the ones which I think gave me preferential treatment as a Baron vs a Mr, I can only imagine if you were to have bought a Lord title this would go even further.

As a taster I was jewellery shopping in New Jersey on a visit to the USA when my card was actually declined, not a straight up decline but the type of decline where it asks the person in the shop to call the transaction in. At this point the Lady working in the shop had my card and called the HSBC fraud line. While on hold she saw the title and asked me what a Baron was. Titles and peerage is not something that is well known in the USA and because of this it had an even greater impact than it did in the UK. I will admit using a little creativity in my describing of what a Baron was but at the same time I didn’t tell any blatant lies.

I will provide some more details on the treatment I received when the review of companies’ reactions to my title section goes up in the next few days.

Lastly, for all of the people who are offended by the “fake titles”, I say “go and find something more important to be offended by” we live in the age of the crazed do gooder and the use of presumed titles isn’t really something you should be getting worked up over, there is an open letter to the people shouting fake titles published on this site.

Of couse all the people with noble titles for sale will be offended by the “fake titles” because a persumed title costs a fraction of the price of a noble one!.

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