Noble titles and sex appeal!

It might sound like a little bit of a cheap shot for someone advocating the buying of a title to play the sex card, however, there is no doubt that title, because, despite them been easily attainable online, are still rare and prestigious. This factor in itself adds an era of mystery and exclusivity to the holder!

Take a look at the video below for Skyla’s take on someone with a title, its a case of a date with Mr Boring vs Earl interesting, the intregue and mystery along for many is enough to justify the buying of a title!

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Buying a title could mean life in the fast lane!

We will look at the legalities of using (or having) a title, the acquisition process, buying a title and all of the more complex details shortly as the purpose of this blog it to keep you informed of every part of the process, however, to break you in and get things rolling on a lighter note we will first look at some of the fun and perks you will get with any title and how to make the most of it!

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How (and why) to become a Lord

Readers of might have seen this piece by Toby Walne in which he highlighted the easy with which anyone can become a Lord. Much like any other title of nobility it just takes a one off payment.

Toby’s interlocutory article linked to above contains the usual negativity and cynicism around buying a title and a statement about how you are not really going to be a legitimate member of the royal family after your payment of £200 but he did seem game in that he armed himself with a title and planned to put its effectiveness to the test.

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