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Become a Sir

The traditional way of becoming a Sir, in fact, the only way as far as many people are concerned is to be knighted by the queen. Knighthoods are given out for a number of reasons, the easiest way to get one, and perhaps the only viable way for an “average Joe” would be to carry out years and years of charity work although you would still need to be very lucky.

Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Bill Gates, Clint Eastwood, Bob Hope and Paul McCartney are all example of people who have been Knighted. It is not easy to keep such company.

Going back to the original paragraph, you may have picked up on a subtlety, did you see the words “the only way as far as many people are concerned”?

You don’t need to be knighted to become a Sir

There is another, much easier way. Under English law you are able to call yourself anything you are allowed to call yourself anything within reason. The good news is that the “within reason” is a very loosely put together set of guidelines and it is quite acceptable for you to call yourself “Sir” simply because you want to.

The celebrities listed above are all well known, most people even know that they have been knighted, however, there are also quite a lot of people Knighted each year who area less known, even the odd member of the general public.

You could actually use a little known legal loophole to change your title from Mr to Sir, does this does not take long, however, it is quite a specialist legal process so you would likely not want to attempt it yourself. Click the banner below to start the process now:

Noble Title Wedding

Once you have become a Sir and changed the details on your credit card and other legal documents to reflect this no one who sees your card or documents will know you bought your title. Given that most people do not even know that you can change your name from Mr to Sir all of the people you meet will assume you have been Knighted, and you never even need to see the Queen!

Interestingly, in recent years it has become fashionable for anti-establishment and anti-royalist types to decline knighthoods but that doesn’t mean the title of Sir is any less prestigious!


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