Using your title

Buying a title could mean life in the fast lane!

We will look at the legalities of using (or having) a title, the acquisition process, buying a title and all of the more complex details shortly as the purpose of this blog it to keep you informed of every part of the process, however, to break you in and get things rolling on a lighter note we will first look at some of the fun and perks you will get with any title and how to make the most of it!

You will have no problem having any kind of title you buy added to your current legal documents, this means it takes only a few minutes to add your title to your bank account, and therefore your debit and credit cards along with statements plus to your driving licence and passports. Any document or artefact that bears your name can be updated to also include your new title.

When someone sees your bank card, even at a glance, especially if its someone who you know and the name on the card varies a little from what you are called its usually picked up instantly. People in shops do often glance at cards to see who the customer is, this is especially the case in the more pretentious chains. Having a title before you name is something that will be picked up on, however, depending on the person who picks up on this the reactions vary. Some people chose to ignore it where as others will flat out ask you who you are or what it means. The level of reaction is totally dependant on the individual but it doesn’t do any harm to have a couple of cover stories at the ready as “I bought my title off the Internet” probably doesn’t carry the weight that you would like and it also dispels the mystery immediately.

Of all of the places I have travelled and my title has been seen and put to any sort of “use” there was no reaction any place like the one I received in Tiffany’s jewellers in New Jersey. This was a by chance encounter of an American spotting my title when I was paying for a modestly priced piece of jewellery and at that point I realised that America would definitely be the place the make the most of a title, it wasn’t until I went to Las Vegas a few years later that my decision to buy a title really paid for itself!

The bottom line is that if people think you have money you are often given things that you would normally have to pay for. This theory, as crazy as it initially sounds makes sense on many levels. For example, if you were to check into a hotel room in Vegas and people thought you had a big budget then the hotel would likely offer you some kind of free upgrade to a better room. They would do this to make you feel welcome and to try to create a basic sense of loyalty between you and the establishment. This “free” upgrade is actually the application of an age old sales technique and the long term objective here is that as a reaction to the upgrade you will spend more money with them, perhaps in their casino. Think about this long term, a room upgrade might cost the hotel a few hundred pounds for a week but that could be recouped in a single session on a table.

The trick in the above situation would to be take blatant advantage of the hotels hospitality and totally exploit the title you bought for the purpose you bought it! Some people struggle with this as it is human nature to want to reciprocate when someone has done an act in kind for you, if you are one of those people it helps to realise that the upgrade you received because of your title is purely a bribe and an individual trying to exploit you, flip this back on them and exploit their hospitality!

Regardless of if you decide to become a Baron, Lord, Earl, Count, Sir or even a Prince come up with a couple of cover stories and get ready to start living life in the fast lane!


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