Using your title

Guide To Using Your Title – Part 1 Friends and Family

Letting the cat out of the bag

When you buy your title and make the changes to your documents you no doubt want to spread the word about your new found fame and shout about your title from the rooftops, this is not Lord, Sir or Baron like behaviour!

After you change over your documents don’t make a fuss, don’t even tell anyone about your change of title, this might be challenging with the novelty factor but long term this will work for you.

The best way for someone to find out about your title is for them to find out for themselves, you can help with this but under no circumstances should you openly go around and tell anyone, ever, that you have either just become titled or that you bought the title.

After the cat is out of the bag

Once someone has picked up on your title they will usually bring it up pretty quickly and this is where you need to be ready to handle whatever comes your way. This is really make or break for if the whole thing is seen as a comical novelty farce or if it creates an era of mystery and affluence.

If you chose a title like Baron or Baroness peoples first reaction might be that they assume you have a funky first name they did not know about and that you go by your middle name, “I didn’t know your first name was Baron”. If you go with a more well used title such as Lord or Sir that is not likely to be the case.

The best possible reaction when asked about your title would be to reply in a dismissive manner, “I though you knew about that”, “I’m sure I’ve told you about this before” – this sort of thing.
While giving an answer on your new nobility you want to be dismissive of the question but also put across, without actually saying so, that you have had the title for a long time.

Some titles, such as Lord or Sir are traditionally associated with older people, you need to have done something to be knighted so it would be unusual for a Sir to be 17 years old, consider this when choosing your title. If you are young you may well be better off selecting a title that could have been passed to you at birth rather than one you would be given for a lifetime of work.
Sit back and watch the word spread.

At this point it is worth backtracking and saying that, when you do allow someone to find out about your title as advised in the first step of this guide it makes sense to pick someone within your group of friends who is well connected within the group but also quite loud, dare we say a gossip?
Basically you want someone else to do the talking for you as self-promotion is never as effective as an endorsement!

In summary:

  • Allow someone to discover your title
  • Play it down and make out like you have had your title for a very long time
  • Sit back and relax, watch the gossip do the work for you

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