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How (and why) to become a Lord

Readers of might have seen this piece by Toby Walne in which he highlighted the easy with which anyone can become a Lord. Much like any other title of nobility it just takes a one off payment.

Toby’s interlocutory article linked to above contains the usual negativity and cynicism around buying a title and a statement about how you are not really going to be a legitimate member of the royal family after your payment of £200 but he did seem game in that he armed himself with a title and planned to put its effectiveness to the test.

After concluding his first post on the subject of title of nobility Toby states:

In coming weeks, Lord Toby Walne will test whether his new title gives him the red carpet treatment, at home and abroad. Read his findings next month

Sounds promising?

Enter Lord Toby Walne or perhaps Mr Lord Toby Walne as his article suggests, disappointingly the follow up post was titled “I’ve yet to profit by a penny from being ‘Lord’ Toby”.

This is where the whole experiment became a little comical, knowing how to “work” your title is perhaps as important as having the title at all and in fairness no site out there seems to give you any details on how to do this. Some people seems to take to using their titles like a duck to water, see the report on “Sir conman” we did, this is a guy who bought his title with intent! However of the other end of the spectrum is Toby. Perhaps the initial expectations he held were just totally unrealistic but he seemed surprised to know that his title would not allow him to open an account at Coutts nor earn him a discount while he wondered around Magnet shopping for a kitchen.

Now it is so apparent people need assistance in working their title we have found another need to which we will cater to, we are currently producing a 10 part series entitled “how to work your new found entitlement”, this series will demonstrate with real world examples, the best way to maximize the value of your title. All the classic things Toby struggled with like:

  • Getting the best tables in the restaurants
  • Getting a free flight upgrade
  • Getting better treatment at the bank
  • How to get priority treatment when shopping for utilities
  • The best way to use your title when shopping for everyday items
The course will also progress and cover some basic psychology around how to most effectively use your title, NLP and micro expressions along with some really high level advanced persuasion tactics which require a level of authenticity (your title) to pull off.

Best of all this 10 part course is totally free, click here to find out how to get it.


3 thoughts on “How (and why) to become a Lord

  1. Lana says:

    I read that article by “Lord Toby” he comes across as a complete clown who wrote a totally loaded review to try to get himself some press. The key with taking advantage of a title is that you need to know how to play the game, this guy was prancing around in Magnet shouting that he was a lord and wanted 5% off white goods……. no no no idea!

  2. Louise says:

    Thanks for your comment! I totally agree, do you have a title and if so did you pick up our free guide on how to make he most of it? Its quite easy to apply but one thing is doesnt suggest you do is dance around a white goods store waving a scroll around shouting that you are a lord and need 5% off the price of a new kitchen!

  3. Lana says:

    Yes, Im a Lady 🙂 I do have your guide and I will say it made a difference, I didnt really know how to make use of my title as it was bought as a Christmas gift and probably not something I would have bought myself (as I dont really have the confidence to flaunt/show off in public). The best setion of the guide for me was “keeping quite speaks a thousand words”.

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