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How to buy a title


  • You know the answer the the question that brought you here: “Can you buy a title?” is “yes”,
  • You have reviewed the info on this site and also had a look around the web and you are ready to buy a title
  • You are not sure how to progress or what you need to do next….. read on and your question will be answered!

You understand that a cheap title wont get you into the House of Lords but it will probably get you free room upgrades if you visit the US (try Vegas!) and will also most likely make you the envy of your peers.
The first step in buying a title is to chose the one that you want, it is not as large a commitment as you might think at first because it is as easy to change your title as to buy a new one, it is not something people do a lot but if you wanted to you could be a Count today and a Sir tomorrow!

There are a few websites on which you can buy a title, but whenever buying online there is a small risk. Elite Titles have been around for years and having searched around there are only positive reviews. To quote their website:

“Elite Titles has been providing effective and legal titles worldwide for the last 15 years, helping people just like you to elevate their status and enjoy the finer things in life right now.”

So, in answer to the title of this post, to buy a title you can simply visit the Elite Titles website (click the banner above) and fill in your details!


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