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How to get a title

Depending on who you ask getting a title is either child’s play or a near impossibility and something that is bestowed on just a prestigious few for a lifetime of effort and hard work. Depending on who you ask they will tell you either the honest “front door” approach or the effortless “backdoor” approach.

Like almost everything there is more than one way to skin a cat and it really depends on what you want from your title and your budget.

The bottom line is that for a one time fee of less than £300 you can legally call yourself almost anything you want:

  • Sir,
  • Baron,
  • Earl,
  • Count,
  • Duke,
  • Duchess,
  • Etc, etc – you can even make your own title up!

This is more than enough for most people. The majority of people who want to use a title just want to be able to have a laugh with their friends or impress strangers with something a little unusual on their bank cards, however, they are always the purists to content with!

Going back to the title of this post, by far the easiest way to get a title, as with most things in this life, is to pay for it! There are several places that can help you with this but the easiest way to push the process through is to simply buy online. Depending on which site you look at you will see a price range from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand pounds! The more expensive titles are usually hereditary titles and therefore will stay in the owners family and are able to be passed down but for many this privilege is not really worth the extra investment, after-all for a £100k you could well buy a cheaper “noble title” (at around £300) and so could the next 300 generations of your family!

When you buy a “cheap” title online, one that you pick up for a few hundred pounds, you can chose the suffix that will appear before your name, however, you are not able to also claim the privileges that are allocated to people who are bestowed the title through other means. For example a baron may be able to fish in the UK without a license but you would likely not get away with that. Another example would be that a payment of £300 and a selection of the title of Lord would not be enough to get you into the House of Lords!


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