Different Titles, How it all works

Lord or Lady

The term Lord basically means ruler, most people with the title of Lord sit in the house of Lords and have a title of nobility which they have either inherited or had bestowed upon them by the queen. This is why, assuming a presumed title of Lord can really get you the VIP treatment!

There is no way someone can tell without doing extensive research if the “Lord” they are talking to has a title of nobility or a presumed title, when you hand over your bank card to make a payment in a restaurant or shop the person running the card will have no idea into which group you fall.

Given most people don’t know that assumed titles exist or how to go about acquiring one most people will not even have the dilemma of trying to work out what kind of Lord or Lady you are and just take the title on face value.

When you think of a Lord or Lady your imagination might conjure up a medieval image or even a picture of an old person wearing a wig but with a presumed title of Lord or Lady that could not be further from the truth.

Recently the singer Olly Murs (a name that definitely didn’t spring to mind when you thought of the title of Lord) assumed the title of “Lord Oliver Stanley Murs of Wansley Manor” as reported here:



While we often talk about the benefits of a title like Lord or Lady in terms of getting the VIP treatment there is also another very real benefit to a adding a title to your name. If you are in business, having a title in front of your name is something that can add credibility and a level of respect.

Under the same law that presumed titles are applied you are legally able to call yourself anything that you want and that would include terms such as professor and Dr! You do not have to talk about your title or ever bring it up, simply adding ir to your business cards or stationary can bring with it an element of prestige.

It is important when using a novelty presumed title to not pass yourself off as having a title of nobility but there are many ways that you can allow or even encourage other people to fo the talking for you! We are shortly releasing a 10 point guide on how to make the most of your title which will cover everything from the best way to reserve tables, book hotels and even how to deal with snide comments.


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