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Marrying someone with a title

As someone who has had a presumed title for over 10 years one interesting question I keep having to answer is:

“If you get married does that mean the girl will become a Baroness”

It’s worth mentioning at this point that this question would only come with certain titles, it’s fairly common knowledge that there is no marital equivalent to Sir for example, if you marry a Sir you would remain who you are so to speak.

In order to provoke this line of questioning you would need to have a title that has an obvious female equivalent such Baron and Baroness, Lord and Lady, Duke and Duchess etc.

Now onto the answer, what if I marry someone with a title?

As with most things that involve legalities or the titles marketplace in general the answer is not as simple as you would hope. The passing on of a title to either a spouse or children depends totally on the type of title.

The most basic type of title, a presumed title, the kind where you can call yourself anything you want does not bring with it any benefits for people marrying into or the children of the title holder. In order for a title to be passed on it must be a certain type of title which is much, much more expensive. An inheritable noble title which would also complement your spouse would set you back, at a minimum £1,500 but they regularly run to tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. These British Noble Titles can be left to whoever you wish in your will.

The problem with the expensive British Noble Titles

While a Noble Title is official and really is the real deal you are actually more restricted in what you can call yourself, a genuine Noble Title would only allow you to call yourself something officially recognised, for example Baron or Lady. By exploiting the cheaper loophole offered throughout this site you can actually call yourself anything you like, you could decide to call yourself Baron, Lord, Lady, Earl or Sir (the latter not been available as a Noble Title) but you could just as easily opt for Doctor or Professor!

I don’t want to spend thousands buying a title but I would like my wife to have a title when we marry

The presumed title option which, if you are reading this, is likely the type of title you have will not pass to a spouse or children, however, rather than buying a Noble Title costing thousands you are probably better off simply purchasing a another presumed equivalent title for your spouse and even for your children. If you buy more than one title you will get a significant discount.

What to say when you are asked if a future spouse will adopt your title

There are tips and advice scattered around this site which explain the best ways to get the most out of using your title, however, there is shortly going to be an “advanced course” available (for free download obviously) which will cover some really deep psychological tactics to employ to make the most of your title.

Until that course is released the best rule of thumb is to say nothing or to give away as little as possible. Let other people do the talking, the gossiping and things will escalate for themselves. If you are asked if your title will pass to a future spouse you should not say it wouldn’t or that it would, don’t give away any facts but have a deflective one liner ready.


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