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Open letter to all the people who are shouting fake titles

The Internet has given birth to a new breed of do gooder, a web vigilante of sorts. These idealist humanitarians all have their own axe to grind but it seems that quite a lot of them have been drawn to what they have branded the “fake titles” market.

There are several journalists, some writing for credible newspapers, while others not so, who have declared war on the “fake titles” market. Some of the Internet police have even gone as far as to create sites at their own expense with no source of revenue generation upon which they deliver their opinions on people who buy and sell titles online. One such site is the pompous which, at a glance appears to cite specific websites on which titles are sold and “expose” them. An interesting use of time.

The bottom line is that people who are investigating the title business from an absolute/legal/purist standpoint are totally missing the point and don’t seem to understand why people would chose to buy a title. As someone who bought the title of Baron when I was 17 I can say that its something I have had a lot of fun with and get reactions whenever I desire as a result of it.

Regardless of what people may say about me not been an actual Baron it still says I am on my bank and credit cards and when I make a payment people do notice this and I have been asked about it on many occasion.

The purists may never understand the above or what follows but when purchasing my title for £250 all those years ago I knew I would be turned into royalty overnight and I did not care. The best analogy to explain the owning of a title is to compare it to the owning of a fake Rolex watch.

A fake Rolex owner may admit to some people it is a a cheap copy while pretending to others that it is the real item, people will assume its real and some will assume its fake, it is all part of the mystery.
Most people who decide to buy a title off the Internet and have that title added to their documents do not expect to be given a seat in the house of Lords but may chose to play on it in certain situations to judge peoples reaction, hotel and flight upgrades are very real possibilities and having your bank address you by your title on the phone is just a little special.

Do your due diligence before you buy and understand what you are buying but do not feel like you are been conned buying a title because some pompus ass on the Internet decided to make a page telling the world your title is not “real”.


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