Using your title

Sir conman abuses a title

There are bound to be cynics out there who knock the idea of buying a title online but there are cynics in most walks of life and they do not usually have time to achieve much success as their time and energy is spent knocking other people!

Perception and social proof are interesting concepts and its beyond the scope of this blog post to investigate them in any great level of detail, however, we are all aware of stories where people have been conned and they talk about how presentable and believable the person who conned them was. There are stories of people in car parks handing over car keys to people who have high viz vests on who just look the part of security personnel.

There are several examples, and if you search the web you will find them, where conmen have actually bought titles to add to their credibility. The majority of people do not know you can buy a title, because people are often awarded the title of Sir for doing charity work a would be conman can really add credibility to his image with such a title!


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